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Waking up in a strange place, Cliff finds himself in the outside world. Everlyn, his dearest friend, disappeared after an incident the previous night. Following the clues she left, Cliff starts his journey to catch up to her and learns a lot of new things along the way. 

"I've never thought we would be that different from each other. 
I even thought she was an android like me. Or I was a human like her. 
Like the definition of "human" and "android" would matter that much..."

This game is set in a world revolving androids who wish to learn more about human beings, humans who wish to further their understanding of the world through researching androids, as well as forces that aim to take advantage of the technology.

* Original arts 
* Point & click gameplay 
* Mini puzzles 

** Prequel manga/comic: More Than 0 And 1


TWBE - Demo - 1.0.2 472 MB

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Great game! The last puzzle really took some time for me, but it was worth it!


Thank you so much for playing our game demo! Glad to know you enjoyed it!


Just finish demo, great game! I look forward to play when it release. Also I think the explanation of puzzle 3 confused me a lot  that make me see the the answer to finish it. Some suggestion: Instead of text explain, you can use video ingame example to show the player how it work. Anyway, Good luck with your project! Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you so much MHD! And don't worry, your English is good. Even we are not native English speakers, yet we can understand your words perfectly!

And your suggestion is a great one. We didn't have much time to improve the guide back then. We will keep this in mind and try to make it better.

Thanks again, MHD! Your feedback is one big motivation for us!